CEBEA Urges Public to Conserve Electricity Amidst Increased Consumption During Dry Weather

4 months ago
Sri Lanka

The Ceylon Electricity Board Engineers Association (CEBEA) has issued a public appeal urging careful electricity usage amidst significantly increased daily consumption due to ongoing dry weather conditions.

Despite the surge in electricity demand, there will be no power cuts at present, according to CEBEA spokesperson Nandika Pathirage.

However, he emphasizes the importance of cautious electricity use, especially with air conditioners, electric fans, and refrigerators, which contribute to the heightened consumption during hot weather.

While Sri Lanka primarily relies on thermoelectric sources for electricity, reservoir water levels remain sufficient to mitigate potential power cuts.

Pathirage urges the public to conserve electricity, use electric appliances mindfully, and ensure they are switched off when not in use, reassuring that adequate hydroelectric resources are available despite the dry weather conditions.