Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Sri Lankan Education System

4 months ago
Sri Lanka

The State Ministry of Education, is taking proactive steps to address mental health issues among schoolchildren.

Programs are being implemented, including the recruitment of psychology teachers, to ensure the well-being of students within the local school system.

State Minister Aravindkumar emphasized the importance of these initiatives, stating that they are committed to prioritizing the mental health of young learners.

In light of recent events, such as the tragic incident involving a Sri Lankan student in Canada, the need for mental health support for students studying abroad has gained significant attention.

Minister Kumar highlighted the importance of extending mental health assessments to students traveling overseas for academic purposes.

Discussions are underway with relevant stakeholders to explore the feasibility of implementing such programs.

Additionally, the Parliamentary Caucus for Children, chaired by Rohini Kumari Wijerathna Kavirathna, has emphasized the urgency of addressing mental health challenges faced by students in Sri Lanka.

They highlighted various stressors, including academic pressure, economic difficulties, and lack of support systems, contributing to mental health issues among students.

The caucus calls for comprehensive mental health assessments for both local and overseas students, recognizing the complex needs of young learners in today’s educational landscape.