A Tamil Judge Resigns and Departs Country Amidst Threats to Personal Safety

9 months ago
Sri Lanka

Mullaitivu Magistrate R. Saravanaraja, known for presiding over significant cases, including the high-profile Mullaitivu-Kurundurmalai case, has tendered his resignation from his judicial post. 

This development has raised concerns as the judge has reportedly left the country due to threats to his life and mounting pressure.

Judge Saravanaraja formally communicated his decision to step down from all judicial responsibilities to the Judicial Service Commission, citing concerns about his personal safety. 

He sent his resignation letter via registered post on the 23rd of the month.

Following the announcement of his resignation, it has come to light that the judge has departed the country. 

The reasons behind his resignation and departure are still under scrutiny, and this development has drawn attention from legal circles and the public alike.