IIHS opens doors for GCE O/L and A/L students to discover career pathways

2 weeks ago

International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS), South Asia’s leading healthcare education institute, has granted GCE Ordinary Level (O/L) and Advanced Level (A/L) students interested in healthcare careers the opportunity to visit its premises.

The IIHS offers a wide range of courses in various healthcare disciplines, including Nursing, Physiotherapy, Biomedical Sciences, Paramedic Sciences, Psychology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Health Services Management, Digital Health, and Radiography.

With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty members, they provide students with a comprehensive learning experience, preparing them for successful careers in the healthcare industry.

During their visit to the IIHS premises, O/L and A/L students will have the opportunity to attend information sessions, take campus tours, and participate in hands-on workshops and demonstrations featuring the latest technologies.

This is an ideal opportunity for students to explore their interests and gain valuable insights into the various healthcare programmes available at IIHS. Whether they are interested in patient care, research, or healthcare administration, IIHS offers courses tailored to suit their interests and career goals. These courses are designed to equip students with the practical skills and knowledge essential for success in the fast-paced healthcare industry.

Understanding career opportunities is crucial in choosing the right path. At IIHS, students can learn how its programmes pave the way for successful careers in the global health and education sectors. The courses are crafted to provide students with the necessary skills and qualifications for international employment, opening doors to diverse and rewarding career paths. One of the key strengths of IIHS is its strong international partnerships with leading universities in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Finland, and the United States. These partnerships ensure that IIHS courses adhere to the highest international standards, providing students with globally recognised educational qualifications that prepare them for successful careers on a global scale.

Whether the applicants are just starting with a certificate course or aiming for a doctoral programme, IIHS offers pathways to help them achieve their academic and professional dreams. IIHS is resourced by well-trained and experienced professionals whom the students may meet and speak at the premises during their visit. “Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to take the first step towards a bright and promising future in the healthcare sector. Visit IIHS today and seize the chance to be among the chosen few. Join us this June and prepare for the next chapter of your life with IIHS.” said Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe (CEO – IIHS).