Gendered Language Stifles Girls’ Creativity, Study Finds

4 months ago

A recent study sponsored by Lego suggests that using gendered language like ‘cute’ and ‘sweet’ with girls might hinder their creativity.

Girls feel less encouraged to be creative when praised with such terms instead of words like ‘cool’ or ‘brave’.

The research indicates that girls are more inclined to try new things if their mistakes are seen as learning opportunities rather than criticized.

The study surveyed over 25,000 children and 36,000 parents globally. Criticisms have also been directed at Google’s Gemini AI chatbot for minimizing the atrocities of historical dictators in comparisons with contemporary cultural figures.

The study reveals a societal tendency to use terms like ‘sweet’ and ‘beautiful’ for girls, while terms like ‘brave’ and ‘innovative’ are more commonly applied to boys, potentially impacting girls’ confidence and opportunities in male-dominated fields.