Coventry University and IIHS collaborates to offer Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences degree

3 months ago

Coventry University in the United Kingdom (UK) has collaborated with the International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) to offer a ground-breaking Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences degree which will propel graduates into the forefront of healthcare advancements.

Biomedical Sciences serves as the cornerstone of medical practice, providing the essential knowledge for health professionals to comprehend, diagnose, and treat illnesses effectively.

The Biomedical Sciences programmes equip students with the skills to utilise cutting-edge techniques and technologies which are crucial for interpreting medical and research data, translating laboratory findings into clinical practice and ultimately contributing to the improvement of global health.

Selecting the right institution is pivotal in enrolling for a Biomedical Sciences programme, and IIHS stands as a pioneer in the healthcare industry with over 22 years of experience, having produced over 3,000 healthcare professionals.

Their collaboration with Coventry University has been ranked as a joint Top Modern University for Career Prospects (Guardian University Guide 2021 and 2022) and holding 5 QS Stars for Teaching and Facilities, ensures a world-class education.

The said programme at IIHS and Coventry University is accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

This accreditation not only validates the programme’s quality, but also enables graduates to practise as biomedical scientists in the UK.

The experienced teaching team with diverse research and industrial backgrounds brings a wealth of expertise to the programme. Supported by an extensive suite of biological and analytical laboratories, students who follow the programme engage in practical sessions in a professional environment from day one.

The dedication of the staff, including those from international universities, ensures a comprehensive learning experience. Biomedical Science BSc (Hons) programme offered by Coventry University and IIHS is designed to prepare graduates for various careers in biomedical and biological science, including professional practice within the NHS or private sector as biomedical scientists.

The opportunities extend to research, with pathways to MSc or PhD levels. “This programme also caters to those aspiring for graduate entry into medicine or dentistry, roles as Physicians Associates, or pursuing teaching qualifications.

Beyond the mere scientific expertise, the programme cultivates skills such as problem-solving, analytical thinking, and effective communication.

This holistic approach ensures that graduates are well-equipped for diverse career routes, from hospitals and diagnostic providers to roles in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and even non-scientific careers like civil service or managerial roles.” IIHS Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe stated.